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BunStudiosInc. is a team of college students  that like to create

Our Story

Our Story

BunStudiosInc. is a couple college students trying to make money in artistic means. We create physical and digital items to sell. Our website ranges from accessories to video games. 

Just like many other college students struggle to pay for their expenses, we decided to turn our creativity into a business. A main goal for BunStudiosInc. is to offer a variety of products and services to our customers. Our business is divided into two parts. One of them being the physical side which offers accessories. The digital side deals with tutorials for game engines.

BunStudiosInc. began with a game that soon developed into more creative ideas like jewelry. We started making jewelry in our free time and sold it on Instagram before we decided to transition onto a website. We decided that moving to a website would make it easier for our customers to purchase. 

Our core values include:

  • Quality & Affordability- As college students, we understand how expensive things get so we wanted to create something that would benefit others on a tight budget. 

  • Learning- Learning is important for our business because the digital side of our business focuses on teaching people how to use certain software. 

  • Passion in our creativity- We take the time to perfect our work.

  • Teamwork- Since we are college students, the entire business is built upon teamwork.

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